Backend Developer

2+ years experience

We are looking for someone with 2+ years of experience in Backend Developer

Job Description

  • To develop and implement a cohesive sales plan to increase conversions and revenue.
  • To build the processes and systems to enhance capacity planning, lead management, sales planning, pricing and productivity of counseling.
  • To set immediate and long-term goals for internal teams.
  • To lead the BD teams and elevate its level to a skillful, efficient industry-leading unit.
  • To track the effectiveness of counsellors and student satisfaction
  • To analyze the customer journey and identify key touchpoints in the customer's interaction to optimize sales and retention.
  • To prepare regular reports and presentations on BD team metrics.
  • To conduct market analysis to identify challenges and opportunities for growth
  • To provide guidance and ideas to organize effective sales
  • Very deep business acumen and a strong problem solver.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and manage relationships with senior management, company divisions and partners.